Cal Farley’s Dream of a Safe and Supportive Place for Children

In the late 1930s, Cal Farley was playing semiprofessional baseball by day and wrestling by night in Amarillo, Texas. Mr. Farley, a World War I veteran with an engaging personality, was a fan favorite at the ballpark, where he would …

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History of Travel to Boys Ranch

On a cold, windy morning in March of 1939, four men climbed into a car especially built for rugged terrain and followed a rough, winding road across the prairie to the skeletal remains of Old Tascosa.  Behind the wheel was …

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The Boy in the Photo

Earl spent his first seven years in a children’s home before he arrived at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch in 1957. One sunny day when he was nine years old, he was playing in the plum patch at Boys Ranch and standing …

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